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About Detroit
Among the manufacturing leaders in their respective industries, Detroit is the original equipment manufacturer of state-of-the-art engines, transmissions, and axles. Developing quality parts with advanced technology, they meet EPA 2017 greenhouse gas regulation standards. The company has been building engines since 1938 and is known for its strength. Their unmatchable quality has served military and road-building as well. With multiple series to choose from, the engine parts vary depending on the type. Find here what you need, be it Detroit diesel engine parts, Detroit diesel marine engine parts, or anything else; we will have it for you in both new and used condition. 
Detroit Diesel Engine Parts 
Here is the categorized distribution of Detroit diesel engine parts available at Svenco: 

Connecting rods: These are required to connect the piston with the crankshaft for movement.

Cylinder heads: They are essential to compete in the combustion chambers with valves and other components important for combustion. 

Engine blocks: These are the main structural component of the engine and provide support and ensure proper alignment of internal parts. 

Engine covers: They enclose and protect different parts of the engine, thus preventing leakage of debris and contaminants. Find covers for different engine components such as steering pump, water pump, engine valve, after cooler housing cover, valve cover with breather, and inline cover. 

Exhaust manifold: It is concerned with the collection and directing of exhaust gases from the engine cylinders to the exhaust system. Available components here are housing air intake manifold, adapter intake manifold, exhaust adapter manifold on the right and left side, air intake manifold, water cooler exhaust manifold, water outlet manifold, and front-rear exhaust manifold. 

Fuel filter housings: They contain the fuel filters essential for removing impurities and contaminants from the diesel fuel before it reaches the engine. 

Flywheel housing: It is responsible for the engine’s smooth operation. Find multiple related products, including but not limited to the flywheel, flywheel bell housing, housing gear case, hydraulic governor housing, and bell housing plate. 

Injectors/pumps: Injectors spray fuel into the combustion chamber at the precise moment during the engine’s four-stroke cycle. Fuel pumps supply pressurized fuel to the injectors, ensuring proper fuel atomization and combustion. We offer related products such as fuel injector nozzle, injector hold-downs, fuel injector racks, fuel injector line sets, and injector hold-down clamps 

Oil pans: These are concerned with oil storage and are present at the bottom of the engine. Find oil-related components like an oil pump with pump cover, assembly, and core, oil cooler cover, engine plates, housing, and cover plate, adaptor with oil cooler housing and upper pan assembly, oil pressure regulator valve, oil tube, oil filter, oil filter head, adapter cover, oil pick up, oil regulator elbow, aluminum oil regulator and oil adapter. 

Radiator: They are associated with the function of heat dissipation to cool the engine. The available components are radiator fan, cooler assembly plate, coolant tube,  after cooler base, inline oil adapter cooler, coolant elbow, and others. 

Rotating assembly parts: The rotating assembly includes the crankshaft, pistons, connecting rods, and other components. Its role is to drive the wheels. 

Other components: Besides the listed ones, there are loads of additional components. We have enlisted some of them, which are the balancing shaft and gear, disc coupling, camshaft and gear, filter adaptor, turbocharger, governor inline, vibration damper, air box cover, inline muffler, wood alternator model, tach drive, engine water pump, and elbow.
Factors to Consider When Buying Detroit Diesel Engine Parts 
Make a checklist of the following points whenever considering buying diesel engine parts.

Compatibility: Ensure that you know the model specifications of your Detroit diesel engine. Use it to identify the compatibility with the engine part you are choosing. 

Genuinity: You must check if the dealers you are connected with are providing genuine and original parts or not. 

Quality Standards: Necessarily check the parts about the hallmarks and other quality standard marks to ensure choosing the quality product. 

Value for Investment: You must be well aware of the used parts’ condition and their expected lifespan. Is the investment worth it? Alternative choices will include making the decision to buy a new part or engine is a better option.
Why Buy Detroit Diesel Engine Parts From Svenco?
Offering immediate assistance from the team for any queries and working to increase their inventory every day, Svenco is the solution to all the engine, its parts, compressors, and generator needs. They offer quick services to serve the parts that are ‘job ready’, quality, and new or used depending on user requirements and budget. You can even sell your Detroit Diesel engine parts here. Explore more of our services by clicking on ‘Svenco.’ 
FAQs About Detroit Diesel Engine Parts
Q1. What is another name for a diesel engine?
The diesel engine is also referred to as a compression ignition engine. The name comes from its method of operation, where combustion occurs through compression of air. The alternative method would be combustion through an electric spark. 
Q2. What are the types of diesel engines?
There are two types of diesel engines: two-stroke and four-stroke diesel engines. The number represents the frequency of strokes in a cycle. 
Q3. What types of products are available at Svenco?
Svenoc deals with old and new generators, engines, and parts. A wide variety of components specific to different models are available here. The items are also provided on request. Hence, feel free to put forward your demands. 
Q4. Can I sell at Svenco?
We are open to buying from you. So, connect with us indicating the specifications of the part, their condition, and any other information as required. Reach out to us at 281-761-1596 or [email protected]. Pay a visit at 5300 HWY 59 SHEPHERD, TEXAS, United States.

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